• Liz Rhoda

Remedies for Cabin Fever

Admittedly, I live far from anything convenient so I rarely leave the house if I don't have to.  Therefore, I may be coming down with cabin fever sooner and more-so than most with this mild winter we are having. Either way, it makes me get bored with my house. The holiday decor is down and the typical items are back in their place. I'm not impressed. With a few home headaches lately, I've seriously considered moving to get a change. With a baby on the way and only being in our house for about a year and a half, what am I thinking!?

Here's some "home remedies" for cabin fever I am doing. Feel free to steal them!

- Rethink the furniture layout and storage solutions. Mount the TV? Move the couch to the other side of the room? Is there a cuter way to storage all those blankets, maybe on a ladder? 

- Change out some outdated items or things that just aren't your style anymore. That motivational quote canvas print you bought to go over the toilet in your college apartment? Bye 👋

- Fresh paint. 🎨Self explanatory. 

- New color pops. If you're not down with painting an entire wall, just change the color pops of the room with some throw pillows, a colorful vase, some new greenery, or maybe a rug. Great option that you can change out seasonally and make your decor feel fresh!

- Organize the storage. Not as visually satisfying but so good for the soul. I don't know what it is but made me feel like I have control of things again 📦

- Treat yourself! Get the family photos framed, your wedding vows, maybe fav lyrics you've always wanted done! 

- Fresh flowers. 💐Obvi, but often forgotten.

- New scents. We love candles in our house. It can change a room's vibe without touching a thing! 

- Repairs. 🛠The scratch on the door, chipped paint on the window sill, lightbulb out in the laundry room (hope my husband is reading this ). Do it! Imagine all the good thoughts you'd have room for if you didn't have those annoyances to fester on. 

- Hire someone for more ideas. A common misconception is that interior designers cost an arm and a leg and give you super unrealistic ideas that you'll never implement. Not true. I could explain a lot more on all the options here, but I want to keep it short. Shoot me a message if you want to be connect with someone!

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