What makes us different.

1) We listen. A common misconception is that Realtors need to be strong personalities and aggressive negotiators. We disagree. While those qualities can be useful at time, listening is the key to providing quality service as well as successful negotiation. 

2) We prioritize your experience, not sales numbers. We would rather provide you with our undivided attention and commitment and turn you into a client for a lifetime than close 10 transaction in a month. 

3) We want to work with people we like. Don't you? Making sure we are a good fit for each other is crucial to establishing some trust between us. If we don't like each other, it could be a rough road ahead. 

4) We know what we are doing. No real estate sale is the same. Not one. As a result, we have become expert problem solvers. If we can't figure it out out, we have the resources of well-respected and accessible brokers and several partners in the industry and community to get the answers we need.